City of San Joaquin, CA


The City of San Joaquin is situated in an excellent area for solar and bioenergy generation with ample opportunities for enhancing energy and water efficiency, transportation options, and social equity.  Transitioning to a more sustainable energy supply not only provides environmental benefits like enhanced air quality, but it also delivers a host of economic benefits from green job creation to market development.

Below, you'll find the latest resources and information available for expanding the clean energy market in the City of San Joaquin, whether you're a resident, business, installer, or local government agency.  Explore the City's tailored policy roadmap that is designed to help the community accelerate clean energy technology deployment by making project development easier and more cost-effective.  

The City of San Joaquin is a part of the San Joaquin Valley region.

Energy & Climate Profile

4,001 people
1 square miles
80% by 2050
IECC Climate Zone 3
Pacific Gas & Electric
Pacific Gas & Electric


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